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styx, 2021

short film

18 minutes / b&w / digital

music : Giuseppe Ielasi

Styx is an 18-minute odyssey through the hidden spaces of an urban world. 

It is a poem of moving images testifying to the steps we take out of sync, as we wander towards the end. 

It is the testimony of ghosts, machines, and gutters. It is a ballad for psychopomps.

Accompanied by the music of Giuseppe Ielasi, Styx was made without a script and instead followed a strict, aesthetic continuum based on certain movements and qualities of natural light. Most of the footage was captured within a 1 kilometre radius in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, during the 55 days of the first confinement in France.

Contrasting abstract and figurative images, sequences of natural phenomenon and theatrical composition, Styx is a transformative visual narrative of ephemera and their passing from darkness to light.

Tranås at the Fringe International Arts Festival

Festival International de Videodanse de Bourgogne

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