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mineral ghosts (working provisional title), 2024

short film

coming soon


The spirit of a neolithic man awakens in present day. He leaves his tomb only to discover how much the world has changed. While crossing his former kingdom, he encounters another spirit wandering in the fog. She could be the christian Virgin Mary, but more mysteriously she shares a striking resemblance to his former neolithic lover, lost in time...

This will be a story told through dance, music, and the silence of stones.


On the Atlantic coast of Brittany, in the Carnac region, there are more than 12,000 megaliths. The first ones were placed there 7,000 years ago, during the Neolithic period. Thanks to these silent giants, we have the opportunity to observe traces of a key moment in our Prehistory: the upheaval of the hunter-gatherer way of life and the development of agriculture. From the largest menhir in Europe to the Neolithic “Sistine Chapel”, the Gulf of Morbihan is home to many priceless sites in the heritage not only of France, but of humanity.

Inspired by archaeological discoveries, this short film offers a new imaginary space of these magnificent remains. Merging dance and archeology, Minerals Ghosts will be the story of a spirit lost in time. The film will be a visual poem of dance, music, and the silence of stones. As the spirit travels through his ancient kingdom of Brittany, the misty landscapes tell their stories. The dancer's body will be the vehicle of passing time. His dance unified with his environment.

In this encounter between Neolithic landscapes and dance, we hope to shed some light on the magic of these prehistoric monuments.

We have already had the privilege of being able to make the first shoot in a national monument, but we are counting on you to be able to do what comes next.

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